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The Society's approach to Production and Operations Management is problem-centered; it does not rely on particular methodologies. We are dedicated to uncovering and understanding the canon of knowledge in POM and we encourage reviews and reinterpretations of past research and the provocative idea that initiates new research. Pedagogy remains a core interest of the Society; conference sessions, the website, and various bulletins are evidence of this interest.

The tangible benefits of the Society include:

  • Receipt of the Production and Operations Management journal.

  • Discounted registration fee at the POMS annual conference.

  • Periodic receipt of Job Bulletin, Research Bulletin, and other e- mail announcements.

  • Receipt of the POMS Chronicle newsletter.

  • Continuing access to the portions of the POMS website that will be looked in the future:
    • Pedagogy area -- links to course websites and syllabi at many schools; links to case collections and international groups; clearinghouse for sabbaticals and leaves around the world

    • Membership area -- find and phone or e-mail of other members easily

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Annual membership dues for 2020:
Regular POMS Membership: $125.00
Student POMS Membership**: FREE
Retired POMS Membership**: FREE
Joint Membership POMS and EurOMA*: $171.00
Africa/Brazil/Beijing/India/Sri Lanka/Latin America Membership**: $25.00

Annual College/Chapter dues for 2020:
College of Behavior in Operations Management: $15.00
College of Healthcare Operations Management: $15.00
College of Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management: $15.00
College of Operational Excellence: $15.00
College of Product Innovation and Technology Management: $15.00
College of Service Operations Management: $15.00
College of Supply Chain Management: $15.00
College of Sustainable Operations: $15.00

Annual Chapter dues for 2020:
Beijing Chapter of POMS: $5.00
Hong Kong Chapter of POMS: $5.00
Indian Chapter of POMS: $5.00
Latin America & Caribbean Chapter of POMS: $5.00
Taiwan Chapter of POMS: $5.00

* Joint membership is only available for simultaneous enrollment in both societies.
** Africa/Brazil/Beijing/India/Sri Lanka/Latin America members and student/retired members receive POM journal ONLINE ONLY.

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