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College of Sustainable Operations

The POMS College of Sustainable Operations would like to announce the early-stage (years 1-3) doctoral student award, which is intended to provide monetary support for attendance to the 2020 POMS Annual Conference. The College will partially reimburse 3-4 recipients for up to $400 in costs associated with their travel to the 2020 POMS Annual Conference.

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Dear Members of the POMS College of Sustainable Operations,

We are calling for proposals for organizing and leading the 2020 POMS College of Sustainable Operations mini-conference, to be held in Minneapolis MN, U.S.A. on April 23, 2020 (the day before the 2020 POMS Annual Meeting). Past mini-conferences have provided a valuable opportunity for our community to meet together for a day to discuss issues and opportunities in the area of sustainable operations.

The mini-conference can have one particular theme or multiple blocks with different themes, and it can potentially include facility tours or other connections with industry. We encourage the submission of ideas or intents even if they are not in the form of a full proposal.

The faculty member(s) selected to organize and lead the 2020 mini-conference will work with the board to form a mini-conference planning committee. If you would like to submit a proposal or intent for the mini-conference, please contact Owen Wu, POMS CSO VP-Meetings, at The deadline for submission of intents is October 15, 2019, and the deadline for submission of full proposals is November 15, 2019.

Best Regards,
The POMS College of Sustainable Operations Board
(Vishal Agarwal, Gokce Esenduran, Owen Wu, Luyi Gui, Suvrat Dhanorkar, Basak Kalkanci, and Wenbin Wang)

Three positions on the POMS CSO board will be coming open in June 2020 and we are seeking nominations for these positions.

President-Elect: This position has a 3-year term, transitioning annually from President-Elect -> President -> Past President. The president-Elect takes over the duties of the president in his/her absence. He/She also assists and advises the President when appropriate.
VP of meetings: This position has a 2-year term. The VP of meetings is responsible for organization of the College conferences, as well as the Sustainable Operation track of papers in the Production Operations Management Society annual conference.
Online editor: This position has a 2-year term. The online editor is responsible for all external communication, develops and manages the content of the College website, and communicates College news, events, and stories through POMS Chronicle.

Please send your nominations to Basak Kalkanci ( by December 1, 2019. Self-nominations will be accepted. Please note that nominees must be members of both POMS and the College of Sustainable Operations.

The voting will commence in Spring 2020. The elected officers will be announced the College Business Meeting during 2020 POMS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, and start their terms on June 1, 2020.

With thanks to the selection committee Suvrat Dhanorkar, Luyi Gui, and Basak Kalkanci, we are pleased to announce the winners of 2019 College of Sustainable Operations Doctoral Student Travel Award.

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With thanks to student paper competition co-chairs Suvrat Dhanorkar, Mike Galbreth, Aditya Vedantam, and the reviewers, we are pleased to announce the winners of 2019 College of Sustainable Operations Student Paper Award.

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This year's College Mini-Conference will take place on May 2, one day before the POMS main conference, in the Washington DC Hilton.
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The mission of the College of Sustainable Operations is to create a community of researchers, educators and practitioners sharing a common interest in the application of operations management principles and tools for improving environmental, social and economic sustainability. The prime objective is to foster the creation and dissemination of knowledge to improve our understanding of the issues at the interface between sustainability and operations, and to develop tools that can aid in organizational decision-making in both business and non-profit sectors. The College embraces theoretical and empirical research, practical applications and projects, field studies as well as teaching and pedagogical material.

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2018 Best Student Paper Competition

Results for the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) College of Sustainable Operations 2018 Student Paper Competition.

1st Place
Anna Sáez De Tejada Cuenca
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Paper Title: Can Brands Claim Ignorance? Unauthorized Subcontracting in Apparel Supply Chains

2nd Place
Ali Fattahi
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Paper Title: Peak Load Energy Management Problem

Honorable Mention
Sanjith Gopalakrishnan
Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
Paper Title: Consistent Allocation of Emission Responsibility in Energy Supply Chains

College of Sustainable Operations Mini-Conference 2018

This year's College Mini-Conference was held on May 3, before the 2018 POMS Annual Conference in Houston. The event kicked off with a panel discussion of pollution issues in the state of Texas, organized by Luke Metzger, the Executive Director of Environment Texas. Panelists included researchers and legal experts on issues ranging from clean water to air pollution, Superfund sites, and environmental justice. After this discussion, the group participated in a "Toxic Texas" bus tour of local Superfund sites, guided by volunteers from Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services. Overall, the Mini-Conference was a resounding success, thanks to the work of coorganizers Neil Geismar and James Abbey of Texas A&M University.

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