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2018 College of Supply Chain Management Student Paper Competition

This year Rick So from the University of California Irvine chaired our Student Paper Competition. We received 48 papers. The papers were judged by 100 referees with four referees per paper. Based on the referee evaluations, six finalists were chosen. These finalists were invited to present their paper at two sessions at the POMS Annual Conference in Houston. Each paper was allotted 20 minutes for the presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session in front of a jury. Presentation quality was taken into account to decide the first and second prize winners, which were announced at the business meeting on Saturday May 5th. The jury was composed of Atalay Atasu, Vinayak Deshpande, H. Sebastian Heese and Dorothee Honhon.
All six finalists were awarded up to $500 of support for out-of-pocket expenses and complementary conference registration for the 2018 Annual POMS conference.

The first prize, which was accompanied by a $600 honorarium, was awarded to Lennart Baardman and Divya Singhvi from the MIT OR Center for their paper entitled "Leveraging Comparables for New Product Sales Forecasting", co-written with their advisor Georgia Perakis (MIT Sloan School of Management) and Igor Levin (Johnson and Johnson Consumer Company).


The second prize, which was accompanied by a $300 honorarium, was awarded to two finalists this time: Harish Guda from the University of Texas at Dallas for his paper entitled " Strategic Surge Pricing and Forecast Communication on On-Demand Service Platforms ", co-written with advisor Upender Subramanian, and Zhe Liu from Columbia University for his paper entitled " A General Model of Inventory Management with Dual Sources: Trading off Lead Time and Cost Differences ", co-written with advisor Awi Federgruen.


Honorary mentions, accompanied by a $100 prize, were given to the three remaining finalists:

Ali Fattahi, University of California at Los Angeles: "Mass Customization and Forecasting Options" Penetration Rates Problem"

         Advisor: Reza Ahmadi

Duo Shi, Washington University: "3D Printing vs. Traditional Flexible Technology: Implications for Operations Strategy"

         Advisors: Lingxiu Dong and Fuqiang Zhang

Wenchang Zhang, University of Maryland: "Managing Market Thickness in Online B2B Markets"

         Advisor: Wedad Elmaghraby


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