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2017 Mini-conference, May 4th

Our mini-conference took place on Thursday, May 4th. In the morning, we visited the Boeing Everett facility.


In the afternoon, we organized two panels. The first panel was on "Teaching supply chains in the digital age" with speakers:

     •Lauren Lu, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
     •Ozalp Ozer, University of Texas at Dallas
     •Chuck Munson, Washington State University
     •Ulrich Thonemann, University of Cologne


In our second panel we invited industry experts to talk about "Supply Chain Management in the digital age". Our speakers were:

     •Eric Ringer, Skyward
     •Hernan Rubio, Costco
     •Donovan True, Recreational Equipment Inc.
     •Deepak Bhatia, Amazon


You can download the bios of our speakers here

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