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POM Journal Among Business Week's 20 Premier Journals and Among FT Research's 45 Premier Journals

Production and Operations Management is now on the Business Week's list of 20 premier journals (please see below). Business Week uses publications in these 20 journals as one of the three factors for ranking of MBA programs in business schools. The list has 14 research journals and six ethics or practice journals.

Production and Operations Management now joins flagship journals in other disciplines. All other 13 research journals are regarded as flagship research journals in other disciplines by almost every business school: accounting (2 journals), administrative sciences (2), economics (1), finance (2), information systems (1), marketing (2), MS/OR (2), and strategic management (1). Until now operations management was the only discipline missing in the Business Week list.


Accounting Review
Journal of Accounting Research
Academy of Management Journal
Academy of Management Review
Journal of Finance
Journal of Financial Economics
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research
Management Science
Operations Research
Information Systems Research
Production & Operations Management
Strategic Management Journal
American Economic Review
Review of Financial Studies
Journal of Consumer Research
Marketing Science
Administrative Science Quarterly
The Harvard Business Review
Journal of Business Ethics


The list below details the 45 journals used by the Financial Times in compiling the Business School research rank, included in both the Global MBA and EMBA rankings.

1. Academy of Management Journal (Academy of Management)
2. Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP)
3. Academy of Management Review (Academy of Management)
4. Accounting, Organisations and Society (Elsevier)
5. Accounting Review (American Accounting Association)
6. Administrative Science Quarterly (Cornell University)
7. American Economic Review (American Economic Association)
8. California Management Review (UC Berkeley)
9. Contemporary Accounting Research (Wiley)
10. Econometrica (Econometric Society, Wiley)
11. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (Baylor University, Wiley)
12. Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business School Publishing)
13. Human Resource Management (Wiley)
14. Information Systems Research (Informs)
15. Journal of Accounting and Economics (Elsevier)
16. Journal of Accounting Research (University of Chicago, Wiley)
17. Journal of Applied Psychology (American Psychological Association)
18. Journal of Business Ethics (Kluwer Academic)
19. Journal of Business Venturing (Elsevier)
20. Journal of Consumer Psychology (Elsevier)
21. Journal of Consumer Research (University of Chicago)
22. Journal of Finance (Wiley)
23. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (Cambridge University Press)
24. Journal of Financial Economics (Elsevier)
25. Journal of International Business Studies (Academy of International Business)
26. Journal of Management Studies (Wiley)
27 Journal of Marketing (American Marketing Association)
28. Journal of Marketing Research (American Marketing Association)
29. Journal of Operations Management (Elsevier)
30. Journal of Political Economy (University of Chicago)
31. Journal of the American Statistical Association (American Statistical Association)
32. Management Science (Informs)
33. Marketing Science (Informs)
34. MIS Quarterly (Management Information Systems Research Centre, University of Minnesota)
35. Operations Research (Informs)
36. Organization Science (Informs)
37. Organization Studies (SAGE)
38. Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes (Academic Press)
39. Production and Operations Management (Wiley)
40. Quarterly Journal of Economics (MIT)
41. Rand Journal of Economics (The Rand Corporation, Wiley)
42. Review of Accounting Studies (Springer)
43. Review of Financial Studies (Oxford University Press)
44. Sloan Management Review (MIT)
45. Strategic Management Journal (Wiley)