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2019 Early-Career Research Accomplishments Awards

An Early Career Researcher is defined as someone who has received a doctoral degree (or its equivalent outside of the U.S.A.) within the previous six years. Work published (or formally accepted for publication) or presented at a conference within the six years eligibility period is considered in the evaluation process if properly documented. The judges evaluate the impact of the body of work in terms of its ability to broaden, extend, and alter the way that POM is conceptualized, practiced, and viewed.


Professor Ryan Buell's research is focused on the implications of "operational transparency", a term he coined to study how revealing otherwise hidden facets of an operation shape the perceptions and behaviors of customers and employees, which can improve operating performance. His research departs from prior research in this area to demonstrate how isolating customers from the operation has significant drawbacks.

Professor Buell is examining interesting questions that are grounded in challenges faced by practicing managers. In conducting his research, he collaborates closely with companies to understand the context and uses rigorous empirical methods with many types of data collected from field and lab experiments, and secondary sources. He has been incredibly productive and has published in all the major journals in our field. A key characteristic of his research program are the numerous cases he has written that are being widely used to teach operations management, service management, and operations strategy courses at more than 300 institutions around the world. 

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