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Special Issue on Technology Commercialization, Entrepreneurship & Growth Driven Operations

Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Production and Operations Management
Technology Commercialization, Entrepreneurship & Growth Driven Operations
Guest Editors: Nitin Joglekar & Moren Lévesque

Increasingly, the global economy relies on the commercialization of technology and entrepreneurship as the twin engines for economic growth. The gap between fundamental R&D and market diffusion is being bridged by systematic technology transfer and commercialization efforts within universities, national labs as well as in corporate settings. This gap is particularly tricky to navigate in the life sciences and energy sectors, where the long development cycles, need to rely on complementary assets, variations in public policy, and uncertain market growth require organizations to set up uniquely flexible and responsive operations while the underlying technologies become commercially viable. For instance, many large R&D organizations have set up labs close to major research universities and restructured business processes to ease technology transfer and to promote cost and knowhow sharing. The role of entrepreneurial firms, and allied institutions, in taking risks while experimenting with new type of business models in order to exacerbate such commercialization and growth has been recognized in the business press. Management theorists argue that stable organizational forms and processes, that have traditionally driven innovation and created employment and wealth, are being replaced by entrepreneurial operations as primary growth mechanisms in many industries.

Yet, the knowledge of setting up, running, and terminating such operations has not kept up with the evolution of the market place. Traditional assumptions about modeling operations, such as decoupling of operational and financing decisions, modes of product and process knowhow exchanges and allied theories on inventories, capacity and productivity can break down in these settings. On the other hand, judging by the research proposals to national level funding bodies, and the number of students who enroll in related courses, researchers and practitioners’ interest in studying such operations is growing.

The purpose of the special issue on Technology Commercialization, Entrepreneurship & Growth Driven Operations is to compile a body of emerging work that explores the role of operations in the entrepreneurial and technology commercialization processes. The topics of these papers will naturally be interdisciplinary and fill gaps in existing research. We welcome papers that address multiple aspects of managerial problems from a diverse set of methodologies ranging from analytical, empirical and experimental. We desire that the papers contribute to theory and create practical insights for managers.

Topics within this context that we are interested in, but not limited to, include:

• Applicability of classic operations models • Inventory & capacity management strategies
• Biases in managerial handling of growth options • Operating performance & firm survival
• Competitive implications of operational excellence • Process management, productivity & quality
• Demand forecasting for technologies • Public policies to promote commercialization
• Capability evolution & learning mechanisms • Supply chain integration & partnering
• Financing & mitigation of operational risks • Valuation of product & process technologies

Review Process: Articles will be revised by the guest (department) editors, senior editors, and referees. Acceptance decisions will be made within 2 review cycles, and each review cycle within 4 months. Submission Deadline: Please prepare the article according to POM’s guidelines ( and submit the file (online) by August 31, 2010. Please submit your manuscript at the journal’s Manuscript Central site: ( to the guest editors (listed as department editors in Manuscript Central), Nitin Joglekar & Moren Lévesque, and specify that the submission is for this special issue. Questions on this special issue can be sent to or

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