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Outsourcing of Printing and Marketing of POMS Journal

Dear Colleagues:

Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) had been outsourcing the printing (type setting, printing and mailing) of its journal Production and Operations Management (POM) to Cadmus. However, with digitalization, publishers with a large portfolio of journals have some inherent advantages in both production and marketing. This is one of the reasons for many professional societies like ours to outsource production and marketing of their journals from large commercial publishers. POMS Board has, therefore, been considering outsourcing marketing and production of our journal to an outside vendor with strong marketing infrastructure.

Over the last one year, several publishers expressed interest in production and marketing of POM and sent their proposals. A committee, headed by VP publications, reviewed these proposals and recommended to the Board that The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) will meet our requirements and is the most suitable alternative for outsourcing the production and marketing of our journal. The Executive Committee of POMS Board also supported VP publications’ recommendations. Based on these recommendations and analyzing both administrative and academic aspects of the proposal, POMS Board has approved to enter into an agreement with INFORMS.

Starting in 2008, INFORMS will be responsible for marketing and production of our Journal. INFORMS will do the type setting and use Cadmus, our current printer, for printing and mailing. INFORMS will be responsible for marketing our journal only to libraries and institutional subscribers. INFORMS will include our journal in its marketing campaigns along with its own journals.

Academic aspects of our journal will remain unchanged and POMS will have full control on editorial, fiduciary, and business matters. POM will remain a POMS journal, and will not become an INFORMS journal. POMS Executive Office will continue to manage the subscription of journal of individual members of POMS. Our account manager at Cadmus will remain the same, and the authors will send the request for reprints of their papers to the same address that they are using now. Authors will be submitting papers for review to POMS’ area editors as per the current practice. Authors of accepted papers will, however, receive page proofs from INFORMS

This agreement between two well reputed sister organizations is for mutual benefit. This collaboration is expected to provide economies of scale thus lowering costs and increasing revenues. POMS expect to widen its Journal’s reach in the international market because of the infrastructure available with INFORMS.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to me at or to the journal editor-in-chief, Kalyan Singhal at

Sushil K. Gupta
Executive Director, POMS

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