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Revenue Management

Mission Statement
Revenue management deals with modeling and optimization of tactical pricing and demand management decisions. It covers the traditional issues of capacity control and dynamic pricing, as well as problems that consider the effects of competition, learning, and strategic consumer behavior. Its scope spans classical application domains of the transportation and hospitality industries, as well as newer areas such as retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, entertainment, financial services, and health care.

This department seeks papers that make significant contributions to the field of revenue management. These may include methodological advancements for the study of existing problems, the development of novel models and revenue management techniques motivated by new application domains, as well as data-driven studies that could include, for example, studies of the performance of existing revenue management systems or the empirical testing of particular theories and/or models. We encourage submissions that explore the interplay between revenue management and manufacturing, service operations, and supply chain management. Papers need to be well written, make a significant contribution to the field, be methodologically sound, and be of practical relevance.

Departmental Editor

Professor Huseyin Topaloglu
Cornell University

Senior Editors
Goker Aydin, Johns Hopkins University
Rene Caldentey, New York University
Soulaymane Kachani, Columbia University
Sumit Kunnumkal, Indian School of Business
Costis Maglaras, Columbia University
Georgia Perakis, MIT
Robert L. Phillips, Nomis Solutions
Paat Rusmevichientong, University of Southern California
Kalyan Talluri, Imperial College, London
Zizhuo Wang, University of Minnesota
Dan Zhang, University of Colorado

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