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Retail Operations

Mission Statement

Retail Operations has emerged as a substantial and important area of research in recent years. There are several drivers of this advent. Retailing is a large and growing sector of the economy in most countries, both developing and developed. It is a dynamic sector in which changes in markets, firms, technologies, and products occur rapidly. With computer technology and usage of the Internet, retailers face an ever expanding set of operational challenges. Recent research in retailing has discovered new applications, contexts, data sets, and theory, which promise a fertile ground for operations management researchers. Further, retail operations encompasses unique topics, such as merchandising, assortment planning, shelf-space allocation, store execution, promotions and markdown pricing, staffing, etc. that differ from issues faced by firms upstream in the supply chain.

This department seeks papers that address issues related to the retail sector of the economy, comprised of both traditional brick & mortar retailers and internet retailers. The department is open to papers based on all types of methodologies, including theoretical, empirical, and field based research. Papers that tackle real problems and those that have high potential to impact practice are encouraged. Topics that are of interest in this department include but are not limited to:

  • Retail merchandising, demand forecasting, and inventory planning
  • Retail store operations planning and execution including inventory, pricing, sales force planning, store design, and store location.
  • Interface of retail operations with other functions such as finance, human resources, marketing, risk management, and strategy
  • Internet retailing and synergies in multi-channel retailing
  • Organizational structure of retailers, e.g., centralized versus decentralized operations
  • Usage of technology in retail operations, e.g., use of RFID technology, data mining
  • International expansion and retailing in emerging economies
  • Store location, formats, and network design for retail firms

Manuscripts should be of a high academic standard, and should adhere to the format, style, and other established guidelines for POM submissions.

Departmental Editors
Professor Felipe Caro
University of California, Los Angeles

Professor Nicole DeHoratius
The University of Chicago

Senior Editors
Aydin Alptekinoglu, Pennsylvania State University
Goker Aydin, Johns Hopkins University
Srinagesh (Nagesh) Gavirneni, Cornell University
Hans Heese, North Carolina State University
Dorothee Honhon, University of Texas at Dallas
Saravanan Kesavan, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Adam J. Mersereau, University of North Carolina
Antonio Moreno, Harvard Business School

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