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POM-Information Systems Interface

Mission Statement

The department seeks to publish manuscripts that are at the interface of operations and information systems. Topics include (but are not limited to): how information systems serve as enablers and change agents in operations and supply chain management; how information systems impact the efficiency of supply chain; how innovative processes and information (systems) can be effectively used to manage, integrate, and restructure global supply chains; planning and execution of information systems operations; structuring and modeling of software development/maintenance operations; operational issues in information systems security; the value of information in operational decision making; and supply chain integration using information systems.

We welcome a wide variety of research methods including analytical models, econometrics/empirical analysis, and behavioral research. The published manuscripts must meet the high standards of rigor and novelty, and should have broad managerial appeal. They should possess original content with a significant contribution to the OM literature. Theoretical manuscripts should establish why certain decisions are optimal. Domain specific manuscripts need to provide generalizations of existing methods. Methodological manuscripts should clearly establish superiority of new methods over existing ones. Questions regarding the suitability of papers for consideration can be directed to the department editor.

Departmental Editor
Professor Subodha Kumar
Temple University

Professor Asoo J. Vakharia
University of Florida

Senior Editors
Xue Bai, Temple University
Achal Bassamboo, Kellogg School of Management
Gangshu Cai, Santa Clara University
Yonghua Ji, University of Alberta
Zhengrui (Jeffrey) Jiang, Nanjing Universtiy
Amit Mehra, University of Texas at Dallas
Sunil Mithas, University of South Florida
Paul Pavlou, Temple University
David Xiaosong Peng, University of Houston
Liangfei Qiu, University of Florida
Arvind Tripathi, University of Auckland
Oliver Yao, Lehigh University
Xiaohang Yue, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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