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POM Practice

Mission Statement
The department publishes papers that document how POM methods are successfully applied in practice and how modifications of these methods, which led to the successful application, could be useful to other organizations. Papers should meet the journal's standards of originality and substantial contribution. A candidate for POM Practice must satisfy the following five criteria:

1. Documents a real problem at a real company.
2. Presents a real example to demonstrate the problem's complexity.
3. Presents the company's current solution approach.
4. Presents a rigorous, but not necessarily provably-optimal, POM solution technique.
5A. Presents implementation results comparing the POM technique to the company's current solution approach or
5B. Presents solution approaches or methodologies applicable to other companies as well and identifies new directions for further research in OM.

Papers that meet Criterion 5A should be submitted to Salal Humair or Sean Willems and papers that meet Criterion 5B should be submitted to Kalyan Singhal.

The following questions are well suited for submission to this department:

• How did an existing well-known operations theory or model need to be modified to apply in practice?
• What classic assumptions underlying a traditional operations model could be violated while still outperforming existing practice?
• How does a heuristic approach based on a classic operations model outperform existing practice?
• What dimensions are most important to capture in order to improve a real-world problem.
Questions regarding the suitability of papers for consideration can be directed to the departmental editors.

Departmental Editors

Dr. Salal Humair, Inc.

Professor Kalyan Singhal
University of Baltimore

Professor Sean P. Willems
University of Tennessee

Senior Editors
Hongmin Li, Arizona State University
Gilvan Souza, Indiana University

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