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POM Practice

Mission Statement

POM is committed to publish articles that are relevant to actual practice and rigorous in terms of analysis. To attract papers that examine operational issues arising from a real company and that develop solutions applicable to other companies in the same industry, the POM Practice area intends to encourage academic researchers and practitioners to work together on challenging operational issues arising from actual practice and developing practical and innovative solutions for a class of problems. Submission to POM Practice can take two forms:
(1) Papers that highlight a particular solution that was implemented at a particular company and had a meaningful, verifiable impact. (The solution approaches/methodologies should also be applicable to other companies as well.) A letter of impact from the company would be helpful but is not required especially if the company does not wish to be known; and

(2) Papers that highlight problems in a particular industry sector and develop potentially amenable or improved OM solutions to a class of problems that have not been approached systematically in the literature. Papers in this category should provide research opportunities and a review of the relevant academic and high-quality practitioner literature.

Industry co-author(s) would be highly desirable but is not required. All papers published in this area will normally require a practitioner review from the relevant industry. The criteria for publication include the following:

Significance: Is this a new and important problem domain for OM?
Relevance: Is this problem based on a real situation faced by a company (or multiple companies in the same industry)? Is the solution approach "real or potential -- practical? Is the solution real or potential" generalizable to the industry sector of this company or even to other industry sectors?
Seeding: Can this paper act as a seed for further research in OM?
Rigor: Is the paper rigorous in terms of analysis and discussion?
Impact: What were the impact and the applicability of the proposed solution (or approaches) to the relevant industry sector?
Differentiation: Would this paper be something that would normally not be submitted to other areas within POM?

Departmental Editor
Professor Sean P. Willems
Boston University School of Management

Senior Editors
Hongmin Li, Arizona State University
Gilvan Souza, Indiana University

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