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POM Forum

Mission Statement

The purpose of the POM Forum area is to stimulate discussion about the field of Operations Management and about interesting new research directions. As such, two types of papers are sought:
(1) Papers that encourage the reader to explore new emerging area " domain or methodology -- of research in Operations Management. The work should be accessible and of interest to a significant portion of the readership of POM and practitioners.
(2) Papers that point out interesting problems in existing or new domains or advocate the use of new methodologies while taking strong positions on existing methodologies.
Published work will often be accompanied by supplemental commentary that enhance or dispute the theses developed. Authors are encouraged to contact the Area Editor early in the process of developing their work to determine suitability for consideration in this area.

Departmental Editor

Professor Kalyan Singhal
University of Baltimore

Professor Manmohan Sodhi
City University London

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