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POMS 2006 International Conference: Shanghai

2006 POM - Shanghai, China
19-23 June, 2006
The World of Operations Management

An International Conference of the Production and Operations Management Society
Hosted by the China Europe International Business School1 (CEIBS)

699 Hong Feng Road, Pudong
Shanghai 201 206
The People's Republic of China

1CEIBS is a Joint Venture between the European Union and the People’s Republic of China.

The Conference will open on Monday evening 19 June, 2006 with a Plenary Session followed by a Welcome Reception, and will close with lunch Friday 23 June, 2006. The weather in Shanghai is normally comfortable in June and, while the City is busy, the very heavy summer tourist traffic has not begun.


The Pudong Campus of CEIBS - Designed by I.M. Pei, the CEIBS campus was completed last year in time for celebration of the School’s 10th Anniversary. The architecture artfully combines Chinese and European themes, resulting in a handsome and functional site for graduate management education. The International POMS 2006 Conference will include morning Plenary sessions in the School’s auditorium. Concurrent sessions will be held in EMBA and MBA classrooms, primarily in Academic Center III. Lunch will be provided each day. Shuttle busses will transport attendees to and from the conference hotels.

Important Dates

February 11, 2006

Date when the website became available for abstract submission

March 20, 2006

Deadline for proposals for tutorial or invited session

March 31, 2006

Deadline for submission of abstracts

May 15, 2006

Deadline for submission of complete papers for publication in proceedings

(NOTE: At least one author must be registered for the conference for the abstract to be scheduled in the program.)

Contributed Papers

Papers on all topics related to teaching, research, and practice of OM are invited. Research-in-process is welcome. This conference offers an opportunity for in-depth feedback on research-in-process. Current tracks and track chairs include, but are not limited to, the following:

Disaster Management (Co-Chair)
Martin K. Starr
Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida
Disaster Management (Co-Chair)
Sushil Gupta
Florida International University
Miami, Florida
Operations Strategy
Larry J. Menor
Richard Ivey School of Business
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada
Service Operations
Uday Apte
Cox School of Business
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas
Global Operations Management
Henrique Luiz Correa
FGV Business School
Fundacao Getulio Vergas
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Business & OM MGT Education In China
Ilan Alon
Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida
Global Manufacturing Research
Linda G. Sprague
China Europe International Business School
Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
John Wang
Montclair State University
Montclair, New Jersey, 07043
Supply-Chain Management
Pedro M. Reyes
Baylor University
Waco, Texas
General OM-Related Topics
James P. Gilbert
Rollins College
Winter Park, Florida

If you are interested in organizing a track not currently listed or an invited session, please contact the Co-General Chair Jim Gilbert at by March 20, 2006.

Information for Contributors

The Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) invites contributions to the 2006 International Conference in Shanghai, China hosted by the China Europe International Business School at The conference committee invites abstracts (50 words or less) for complete research papers as well as research in progress papers. The Proceedings will be available in CD-ROM format only. If an author elects to submit an abstract, it will be scheduled for presentation during the annual meeting, but will not be published in the Proceedings. Acceptance of abstracts and papers are subject to final approval by the track chairs. Proposals for a Workshop, Tutorial, Panel, Symposium, or Colloquium will be evaluated for possible inclusion in the annual meeting by the appropriate track chairs or program chair.

Authors are required to submit all contributions online using the instructions provided in the following section. Any individual-author or co-author may submit up to three abstracts. (This does not include invited papers, workshops, tutorials, panels, symposia, and colloquia.)

The submission of a complete research paper means the author certifies the manuscript is not copyrighted, has not been accepted for publication in a journal, has not been presented or accepted for presentation at a professional meeting, and currently is not under review for presentation at another professional meeting. (Material printed in its entirety in any conference proceedings is considered published.) Furthermore, the author certifies his/her intention to register for and attend the meeting to present the paper if it is accepted. The copyrights for all forms of presentation at the POMS International Conference shall remain with the authors.

Instructions for Electronic Submissions

Abstract Submission: The deadline for submissions of abstracts is March 31, 2006. All abstracts must be submitted via the POMS website The website became available for submitting abstracts on February 15, 2006. Abstracts should be limited to 50 words.

Submission of Full Length Papers: Submission of full length papers is not mandatory for participation and presentation of papers in the conference. However, participants may submit full length papers to be published in the electronic proceedings of the conference as discussed above. POMS website will be available between April 1 and May 15, 2006 for submission of full length papers.

Invited Sessions/Tutorials/Workshops: If you are interested in organizing a track not currently listed, or an invited session, please contact the Co-General Chair Jim Gilbert at by March 20, 2006.

Conference Registration Fees

The regular Conference Registration Fee will be US$250 which will include all Conference materials (conference bag, CD Rom Proceedings, group photo, etc.), the Welcome Reception, coffee breaks, four lunches and the Farewell Banquet. The Registration Fee for doctoral students will be US$125. Accompanying Persons can attend the Welcome Reception and the Farewell Banquet for US$50. There will be a late registration fee of US$50 for registrations received after 27 May 2006. The Registration Form will be available on the CEIBS website from March 15, 2006. These have to be printed and faxed or mailed. There is no online registration for this conference. A link to the CEIBS website will be available from starting March 1, 2006.

Hotel Accommodations

There are several hotel accommodations available. The hotel information and general description of Shanghai and the conference site (CEIBS) is available on CEIBS website. A link to the CEIBS website is available from The hotel reservations forms will be available on line starting March 15, 2006. These forms are to be printed and mailed or faxed.

Tentative Conference Plan

We anticipate starting each morning with a Plenary Session on China. As CEIBS is a Joint Venture between the European Union and the People's Republic of China we may look forward to hearing from high-level managers and CEIBS faculty on the current and future business conditions within China.

On Monday evening will be the kick-off with a Welcome Reception and introduction to the Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art which will be mounted for the entire Conference. We would start early each day with sessions continuing 1:30 or 2:00 p.m. when lunch will be available on campus. This will permit tourism late each afternoon: a shuttle bus to downtown can be made available.

The Global Manufacturing Research Group (GMRG) will have a "Track" within the POMS meeting on Thursday; they will remain for two more days for their own annual meeting. Other POMS attendees may want to head for Hong Kong for the INFORMS Meeting.

The City of Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the world’s great cities, with a colorful past, a frenetic present, and a future that will see it eventually back on top of the world as a major international financial and trading center. Shanghai is China’s largest city, its largest port and its largest industrial base. It is called the “Dragon Head” of East China – the leading force driving the economy forward.

The city’s population is around 15 million, of which about 8 million live in the city proper. There is a large floating population of itinerant workers, probably numbering 2 million. The city has a status equivalent to a province and reports directly to the central government. Shanghai is the financial center of China and hopes one day to match Hong Kong in terms of the strength and international character of its financial markets. It has the largest stock market in the country and is home to a number of other currency and commodity markets. The city has a sense of its own importance, potential and sense of destiny. The reason: Shanghai has been there before.

Associated Events

An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art will run throughout the Conference. This Exhibition will be introduced during the Welcome Reception on Monday evening 19 June. Consuls General from countries with Conference registrants will be invited to attend the Welcome Reception. The Shanghai Traditional Instruments Orchestra will play during the Welcome Reception. There will be a Final Banquet at the Ramada Plaza Pudong Hotel on Thursday evening 29 June.

POMS International Conference Committee

Co-General Chair
Linda Sprague
China Europe International Business School
Co-General Chair
James P. Gilbert
Rollins College
Associate Chair
Tom Callarman
China Europe International Business School
International Chair
Sushil Gupta
Florida International University
POMS President
Kasra Ferdows
Georgetown University
Vice President Meetings
Timothy L. Smunt
Wake Forest University
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