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Past Recipients

Past recipients of the award, who are among the most esteemed members of the POM field, are:
   2018: Dr. Colin Kessinger
   2017: Dr. Alexander (Alex) Brown
   2016: Dr. Russell Allgor
   2015: Mr. Pier Luigi Sigismondi
   2014: Mr. Josue Gomes da Silva
   2014: Dr. Dean Bartles
   2013: Mr. Thomas Debrowski
   2012: Dr. Gang Yu
   2011: Mr. Edwin Keh
   2010: Dr. Krishan Kumar
   2009: Ms. Erin J. Wallace
   2008: Dr. Dino Petrarolo
   2007: Dr. Corey A. Billington
   2006: Mr. Lee Cockerell

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